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rain makes morels

By June 1, 2015 June 29th, 2015 The Harvester's Log

Been tough for the crew, the rain won’t let up, and the trucks are getting stuck. But…the morels are growing. 300 lbs harvested yesterday. Everyone is wet and cold and working hard.

Eric Whitehead

About Eric Whitehead

“Mushroom Guy” has a lifetime of knowledge of the natural world and a contagious curiosity for anything wild. He’s never had a 9-5 and loves nothing more than taking you (via camera) into the wilderness to share with you all the wonder and deliciousness that there is to discover.

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  • Kyven Marquis says:

    Hi mister Whitehead I just wanna know where to apply come to harvest morels for you we are 4 good n hard worker with gps each tents n a really mega good package of equipment for each of us we are coming from quebec we know all ecologic rules about harvesting we are clean persons we dont take drugs lol we are pretty well good prepared n we have one vehicule a 8 persons van we have already check all 2015 wild fire maps n well informed about that too some kind of passionates men about chaga n a lot of wild things already pretty hard blueberries pickers we already do good smokin chanterelle n matsutake n a lot more we just wanna go to morels we have lot to learn too x) if you can reach me by mail please or something I saw your annonce from 2013 on a old internet site from wildtrader.ca or if you know someone to refer us please it would be a dream for us

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