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Chanterelles are in!

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We are well into the chanterelles harvest season, and while we still have some picking to do,  some of our chanterelles are bathing in a wine barrel, some have been sent to Bothwell Cheese for a delicious new, aged cheddar (not new-aged 🙂 more info on that in the coming months), and we just made a whack of the Smoked Chanterelle Risotto with Sundried Tomatoes. This is the product formerly called Chanterelle Arroz, for those of you that didn’t catch the transition. Same wonderful stuff on the inside, just different packaging and a new name. It’s got big bold flavour: smokey, tangy, with a bit of heat. It goes great with all meat, especially sausage. That means that all 5 wild mushroom sides in the Ready to Feast pack are ready to be feasted on. Fine fall fare, quick to prepare!  A small, first  batch of the Alder Smoked Wine Cask Aged Chanterelles are ready…get them while you can. The remainder of this season’s chanterelle harvest will be used in the RUB, which I know many of you missing madly. Stay tuned.

Out of Chanterelles! – Until Next She Provides

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If you’ve seen us at a farmer’s market, food event, or peeked at our on-line store lately you may have noticed that we are out of Chanterelles. There are still some beauties folded into our forest blend, but our oh so popular RUB (which have a chanterelle foundation), our alder-smoked & wine cask-aged chanterelles (universally one of a kind), and our personal favourite, the smoked chanterelle risotto (formerly called chanterelle arroz) are all SOLD OUT.

Luckily, chanterelle season is just around the corner and the delay shant be too long dear customers. Haida Gwaii, Vancouver Island, other coastal chanterelle havens, and Saskatchewan are all brimming with chanterelle potential. To see the bottom of an empty barrel though reminds us that even if one more or less dedicates their life to wild harvesting, so much about chanterelles any other precious wild foods is out of our hands and in Mother Nature’s.  If we were in the chocolate business, we would just buy more cacao right now from a cacao grower. Instead, we will wait with anticipation until the sun rises a little later in the day, the leaves catch a touch of yellow, and the mossey coniferous trees are ready to send their sap towards their roots, hopefully encouraging Catharellus Cibarius to show it’s golden self.
And while we wait, we are that much more aware and appreciative of the seasons and of mother nature’s ‘unreplicability’ and unfathomably deep harmony.

Hello Readers

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You may have noticed that we’ve made some changes over the last while, thanks to our talented new tech guy Nick. The store is easier to navigate, information is easier to find, and the whole thing looks and works a lot better.

We’ve also hopped on the blog-wagon; with good reason. So many of our customers, harvest followers, and Dragon’s Den fans have asked questions that we usually reply to by phone or e-mail. Now we have a space where we can respond to queries and comments in a more public way.

There’s so much to say about wild food, the adventures of the harvest, and the process of creating wild food products and getting them to you. May you find our posts informative and enjoyable.

Got a question ? Send it our way. We’ll get do our best to get you and ya’ll the answer.